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Irish Girl Guides' Online Membership System

Data Protection Act


Processed fairly and lawfully

Please inform your members that you are collecting and storing information.


Obtained for a specified and lawful purpose

The data you store in OGM must only be used for lawful Guiding purposes.


Lawful uses

Never disclose information to unauthorised parties.


Safety and security

OGM is a safe, sercure system - further technical details are below.


Accurate and up-to-date

You must keep the data up-to-date


Adequate but not excessive

Please ensure you only collect data that is required.



Most information about girls can be removed with the click of a button - please contact National Office for their data retention policy.


Requests for information

If you are requested to give information held about an individual, please supply them with the downloads available through the system.

Technical Details

This section outlines some of the security and technical features employed by Online Guide Manager.

As with any system, the most insecure part of the system is the leaders' passwords. Please use secure passwords that are not based on a word, and that contain numbers and special characters.

All communication with the site is over SSL, so the information you see and send is encrypted and can't be intercepted.

The web-server/database are hosted in a datacentre in London. The database is constantly replicated onto a backup machine, and system-wide database backups are taken every three hours, weekly and monthly. Weekly and monthly backups are sent to an off-site backup facility in Milton Keynes. Weekly backups are kept for six months and monthly backups are kept for seven years.

Passwords are hashed in the database with a random salt and a varying stretching iteration count (i.e. they not stored in plain text and it is impossible to reverse-engineer the password from the hash). Users can only reset their password if they have access to their email address.

Leaders are given appropriate levels of access to the individual parts of the system. For example, if assistant leaders do not need access to contact details, the person who set them up with an account can restrict access to parts of the records.

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