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Irish Girl Guides' Online Membership System

Features and Pricing

Irish Girl Guides are paying for a Gold subscription until 30th June 2016, at which point your unit will revert to the Bronze package unless you upgrade to Silver or Gold. This will leave all data intact and you will still be able to use the system, just without the enhanced features until you upgrade. When you upgrade, you'll have access to all the data from the free period.




Badge RecordsNoYesYes
Badge Stock InventoryNoYesYes
Export as PDFNoNoYes
Programme EditorYesYesYes
Activity DatabaseYesYesYes
Export as PDFNoNoYes
Manage EventsNoYesYes
Quartermaster's DatabaseNoNoYes
Group Management
Contact DetailsYesYesYes
Send EmailsNoNoYes
Multi-Leader AccessYesYesYes
Attendance RegisterNoYesYes
Camp Contact Details ExporterNoYesYes
Record Subs PaymentsNoYesYes
Generate Record Card PDFsNoNoYes
Financial AccountsNoNoYes

All prices include VAT.

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